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  Whale Wars- Testing the Spud Gun... AnimalPlanetTV 19/01/20191:19 min  
  Whale Wars- Blood and Sweat AnimalPlanetTV 03/06/20112:5 min  
  Whale Wars- Operation No Comprom... AnimalPlanetTV 03/06/20112:55 min  
  Whale Wars- Meet Chadwick Halste... AnimalPlanetTV 03/06/20111:0 min  
  Whale Wars- Meet Paul Watson AnimalPlanetTV 03/06/20110:47 min  
  Whale Wars- Tailed by Mystery Bo... AnimalPlanetTV 08/06/20113:12 min  
Whale Wars- Security Breach AnimalPlanetTV 08/06/20112:53 min  
Whale Wars- Whaling Fleet Found... AnimalPlanetTV 08/06/20111:41 min  
Whale Wars- Dropping the Stern L... AnimalPlanetTV 16/06/20111:15 min  
Whale Wars- Dangerous Underwater... AnimalPlanetTV 16/06/20113:49 min  
Whale Wars- Helicopter Lost in F... AnimalPlanetTV 16/06/20112:16 min  
Whale Wars- Dodging A Water Cann... AnimalPlanetTV 22/06/20111:48 min  
Whale Wars- Tailed by Two Ships... AnimalPlanetTV 22/06/20111:53 min  
Whale Wars- Things Fall Apart AnimalPlanetTV 22/06/20111:47 min  
Whale Wars- Stranded at Sea AnimalPlanetTV 29/06/20112:6 min  
Whale Wars- Engine Trouble on th... AnimalPlanetTV 13/07/20112:27 min  
Whale Wars- Finding the Factory ... AnimalPlanetTV 13/07/20112:12 min  
Whale Wars- A Call for Help AnimalPlanetTV 13/07/20111:22 min  
Whale Wars- Damaged Small Boat AnimalPlanetTV 13/07/20111:18 min  
Whale Wars- The Whalers Head Hom... AnimalPlanetTV 25/08/20113:53 min  
Whale Wars- A Lifelong Struggle... AnimalPlanetTV 25/08/20113:11 min  
Whale Wars- The Penguin Swim! AnimalPlanetTV 25/08/20113:15 min  
Whale Wars- Japanese End Whaling... AnimalPlanetTV 01/09/20112:15 min  
Whale Wars- Blocking the Slipway... AnimalPlanetTV 01/09/20113:9 min  
Whale Wars- Working Through a St... AnimalPlanetTV 01/09/20111:32 min  

Last season episodes

Season / Episode Episode title Description Air date
22 / 25
Whale Wars- Testing the Spud Gun (1:19) 19 / 01 / 2019
22 / 24
Whale Wars- Blood and Sweat (2:5) 03 / 06 / 2011
22 / 23
Whale Wars- Operation No Compromise (2:55) 03 / 06 / 2011
22 / 22
Whale Wars- Meet Chadwick Halstead (1:0) 03 / 06 / 2011
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